A Word about Trip Insurance

Just as in any vacation plan, it is wise to protect your trip investment with trip insurance, in the unlikely but still possible event that you, or we, may need to cancel your plans.

We at Sierra to the Sea will do all we can make certain that our tour proceeds as closely as possible to the plan. However, mother nature can trump all the best laid plans as can injury or illness. You may be familiar with the fires and other disasters these last few years in the area we plan to ride again this year. Our tour is early enough in the season that the risk of disaster is small, but that is not a guarantee.

Guest and staff safety are paramount, and if necessary, the tour will be canceled if there is serious risk to guests and staff.

Sierra to the Sea commitments with venders need to be honored, so in the event that the tour is interrupted or cancelled, full refunds will not be possible.

Trip insurance is cheap. It helps all of us sleep better at night. --Just say’n.

Last modified: January 3, 2019
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