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Tour and Payment Method (Required)

Sierra to the Sea Bicycle Tour
(June 15-22, 2019: Tour fee is $975 plus options, )

Your Name and Contact Information (Required)

  I would like to be able to check my registration status online, so you may show my name, city, state, and registration status on the website (Others will see it too),

  I would like to be included in a roster listing name, address and email distributed after the tour to all guests (will not be posted online)

Vital Statistics and Other Data (Required)
All minors (younger than 18) must be accompanied by a guardian at all times and a guardian must sign a release and waiver of liability agreement on behalf of the minor.

Male  Female.   

Emergency contact information (Required) 

(Please enter available phone numbers below / that are most likely to result in a timely successful contact in case of emergency)

About your bicycle and transportation (Required)

Bicycle type:

single  recumbent tandem  
Name of tandem partner:

The Tour will transport your bike by truck from San Jose to South Lake Tahoe and back to San Jose from San Francisco. If you need this service, please indicate how you plan to protect your bike during shipment.  Since bike cases do not fold flat, transporting these incurs an extra fee.

No Container. We will use blankets to protect your bike during transport but you will need to sign a waiver against damage.

Cardboard bike box

Soft bike bag (collapses for storage)

Bicycle case, either hard or soft sided ($30 storage fee required)  

Will not need this service because I am bicycling or driving.  Please specify:

Will you need a seat on the charter buses? 

I wish to reserve the bus from San Jose to the ride start
(fee is $60 to South Lake Tahoe)

I wish to reserve the bus from the ride end to San Jose
(fee is $35 from San Francisco)

I wish to reserve space in the Campground by the Lake for Friday night June 14, 2019.
(fee is $25 for Friday night camping in South Lake Tahoe)

(If you reserve a seat on the bus, and later find that you won't need it, please notify the Registration Coordinator as soon as possible)

Cycling jersey

Each rider on the Sierra to the Sea tour will receive a commemorative cycling jersey.  Please specify type, size and cut. Voler Sizing chart All jerseys will have a full zipper. Note that those registering after March 25th, you may not receive your jersey until after the tour.

Male or Female Jersey Style: 
Jersey Size: 
Jersey Cut: 

How did you hear about Sierra to the Sea? (Optional)

ACTC member
Previous participant
ACTC website  
Sierra to the Sea website

Friend who did SttS (name)  

Another club (please specify name & state) 

Publication (please specify) 


Release and Waiver of Liability (Required)

Please read the waiver carefully: (version for printing)

Comments or special requests:  (please do not use quotation marks or tabs, as these confuse our database)

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