New for SttS 2019 - Tent and Porter Option!
Gated Community

Why not pamper yourself and your partner with the excellent Tent and Porter service offered by the Good Grief Co. during your Sierra to the Sea tour experience this year?

This service includes:
1. A 9 x 7 ft. dome tent provided and set up for you at each camp,
2. A chair provided at your tent for each occupant,
3. Luggage delivered to the tent and porter camp area each day,
4. Luggage picked up at your tent each morning,
5. Phone charging 2:00 - 7:00 PM when power is available,
6. Coolers for icing beverages each night.
The cost is $450 per tent for the week.

The tents are new, and large enough for two people and necessary luggage. Although they are spacious, the tents are limited to no more than two occupants.

Please Note: This service can only be offered if a minimum participation level is reached before April 1, 2019. Maximum tents available = 40.

To reserve your tent, please contact the Good Grief Co. as soon as possible.

The Good Grief Co. is an independent service not affiliated with Sierra to the Sea or the Almaden Cycle Touring Club of San Jose.

See what others are saying about this service:
- The porter service was great. It's the only way to go.
- The porter staff was so very friendly and very helpful. They always had a smile and a bright "hello"
- The tent and porter service was great, I can’t believe I haven’t used it before!
- Loved it! I got to know more riders because we camped with the same people each night.
- I will definitely use this service again!
- What a treat, to be pampered after a day of riding, sign me up again!

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