If you get yourself to South Lake Tahoe on Friday, we are now able to allow our Sierra to the Sea guests to camp at Campground by the Lake on Friday, June 18, 2021 for the fee listed on the registration page. If you plan to camp on Friday night, please be aware of the following:

• Do not also choose the "Bus to Tahoe" option.

• Do not arrive before 1PM on Friday, the normal Campground check in time.

• There will be minimal Sierra to the Sea staff on site, and no supported meals or rides planned for Friday, Saturday breakfast or lunch. Supported activities begin when the buses and Luggage Truck arrive from San Jose on Saturday at noon.

• If you are parking a vehicle on site, only one is allowed per campsite, and it would be considerate to the rest of the campers if the vehicles have departed the campground by Saturday at 11 AM.

• If you bring family with you on Friday who are intending to spend the night in camp, again it would be considerate to the other campers if family has departed by Saturday at 11 AM. We are allowed six people maximum per site, and will need the room.

Campground by the Lake
1150 Rufus Allen Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, CA

The camping reservation is in the name of Susan Francks.
The sites are all in the C Loop and will be marked with Sierra to the Sea lime green signage.
Campsite C17 is Reserved for the Luggage truck and crew.
The campground rules stipulate a maximum of six people per camp site.