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Unfortunately, we at Sierra to the Sea have decided that due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, we will not be able to offer a Tour in 2021.

The decision to not offer the tour was a difficult one that we postponed as long as possible. Planning and booking for a tour starts months in advance. Understandably, vendors and venues are reluctant to commit in this uncertain time and jurisdictions are not accepting applications for the necessary permits. While your Sierra to the Sea team is enthusiastic about restarting our tour as soon as possible, unfortunately a 2021 tour is sooner than possible.

We truly regret not being able to offer the tour this year and we all will miss the adventure of meeting our guests, both first time riders and returning. Although the pandemic and the resulting restrictions are disheartening, we at Sierra to the Sea maintain the greatest enthusiasm for the Tour and its return in 2022. Please keep us on your calendar.

Tour dates for 2022 - June 18 thru 25.

Sierra to the Sea is a scenic and challenging 8-day California bicycle and camping tour. We ride again this year from Lake Tahoe, cross the Sierra Nevada, then traverse the Sacramento, Route Thumbnail Napa and Russian River Valleys, to the Pacific Coast. The tour finishes with a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and a picnic in Golden Gate Park. This is the 33rd anniversary of our tour, and we are excited about our new Lake Tahoe start and the revised route. See Where We Go.

The tour route is approximately 420 miles long and averages 60 miles per day Climb Thumbnail for each of seven cycling days. It is challenging and designed for experienced riders. Some less strenuous route options are provided, as well as options for riders who wish greater challenges.

Members of the Lehigh Wheelmen recorded Relive videos of their 2018 ride. See one here: Day 7 Olema to San Francisco

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Sierra to the Sea is organized by the Almaden Cycle Touring Club of San Jose, a not-for-profit organization whose Tierra Bella Bicycle Tour has, for over 42 years, been one of the most respected and successful rides of its kind in California.

Registration opens January 19, 2021 at 6:00 PM PST
Almaden Cycle Touring Club
New this year, White Water Rafting option on day 2 (lay over day).
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